Documentary Wedding Photography

People are generally awkward when posed. We don’t usually enjoy the experience of being told how to stand etc and this means that natural photos, especially natural wedding photos, usually look better.

Whether the emotions are laughter, joy, sorrow or nervousness, my aim as a documentary wedding photographer is to capture the real spirit of your whole wedding day, so that when you look through your wedding photographs, you will be transported back in time to discover and re-live all of those special moments all over again.

What Is Documentary Wedding Photography (Natural Wedding Photography)

Documentary, or natural wedding photography, basically means that I will be photographing the majority of your wedding day as it genuinely and naturally happens – in real-time. For example, the photos of the groom putting on his cuff links will be of him actually putting on his cuff links and not staged versions! The photos of the bride putting on her veil will be the same! I don’t set these things up, and I believe wedding photographs have far more power and authenticity if they are real moments … natural moments!

I should just add that there are certain parts of the day where I am more than happy to step forward and take control, such as the formal groups, which I actually think can be a fun part of the day, as well as the portraits of the two of you. These obviously require some input from me, but I do it in a fun relaxed way which people enjoy.